Integrative Patient of the Month, March

Meet Sundance, who is quite possibly the sweetest, happiest girl in the whole world! Read below to hear what Sundance’s parents have to say about their experiences with Eastern medicine.

“We pursued acupuncture in the spring of 2013 when our lab Sundance, who was 4 at the time, started limping on her front legs.  We really didn’t know what caused the limping – there were  no big injuries, even though we did enjoy long walks with her, but her symptoms weren’t significantly proving with Western medications alone. 

She was also beginning to have some tummy upset on & off from the anti-inflammatory medications we were giving her daily.  Dr. Cahoon had recently completed his acupuncture training at the Chi Institute, and he discussed starting some acupuncture and Chinese herbs for Sundance. We were excited to have an alternative option to help Sundance maintain her quality of life long term, especially considering she was so young at the time. 

Fast forward to today, our young pup is now a sweet senior girl, and she sees Dr. Cahoon and Dr. McKerney on about a monthly basis for acupuncture treatments.  Aside from some periods of time where she has had to restart pain medications intermittently due to just too long of a walk, Sundance stays very comfortable with her monthly maintenance acupuncture and Chinese herbs. 

We are so happy to see her have a good quality of life, and she is still lots of fun to have on our shorter walks She is such a good girl, she tolerates her treatments really well, and everyone at Veterinary Healing Center loves seeing her when she comes in each month.  If you are considering Eastern medicine for your pets, we would encourage you to give it a try!” -Mark & Mary, Sundance’s dad & mom 

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